Colby College Women's Basketball

Athletic Trainier
MaineGeneral Sports Medicine

Ahead of the Game Basketball Camp will be partnering with MaineGeneral Sports Medicine based out of MaineGeneral Medical Center for the 2020 basketball camp

– MaineGeneral Sports Medicine has been working with the basketball camps at Colby College for over 30 years

– The team at MaineGenral consists of high quality, state licensed Athletic Trainers who specialize in the care, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries to athletes

– Their commitment to high quality care and the direct relationship to the local medical center allow for a diverse offering of health care should any athlete need advanced care

– The relationship with the Emergency Department, Express Care, Orthopedics and Radiology allow for seamless transition of care

– The Athletic Trainers will be available for the campers on site at Colby College from one half hour before the camp day starts until the camp day is completed and all campers have been seen for any treatments or injuries

– All campers who need to be evaluated by one of the Athletic Trainers will have a written evaluation and a parent will be immediately notified of the status of the injury and the plan of action

– The camp will provide an overnight student athletic trainer/counselor who will have direct 24 hour access to the Athletic Training Staff

– The sports medicine team will provide safe medication storage for the campers who wish to keep any medications locked up

– If you would like to learn more about MaineGeneral Sports Medicine, please visit the MaineGenral Medical Center website at or feel free to call the Director, Chris Sementelli at 207-242-0781 or the summer camp coordinator at MaineGeneral Sports Medicine, Steve Tosi at 207-242-6116.